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Ecotreasures ® Services

You have reached the ecotreasures website that offers travel, tourism and entertainment information in an engaging, entertaining and user-friendly way as you take advantage of any of the following ecotreasures services:

• ecotreasures online magazines covering travel, tourism and entertainment information

The magazine is a trimester publication. However, we are pleased to announce that in order to celebrate our February 2016 launching of the ecotreasures website and its online magazine application, the magazine’s second edition was published on March 2016.

You may access our magazine content either by clicking on the “issues” or “the magazine” links available on the ecotreasures website’s first navigation bar.

The ecotreasures magazine web application offers content about tourism, travel and entertainment such as tours, activities, outdoor recreations, leisure places and other attractions.

The magazine also offers information on environmental and ecological attractions, places and resources as well as culture and history of the destination.

Besides the features articles, enjoy reading the magazine’s permanent sections:

1) Nature Encounters
Nature-oriented tourism and related attractions, activities and places

2) Water sports
Water sports and related attractions, activities and places

3) Extreme Adventures
Extreme adventures and sports, and related attractions, activities and places

4) Agri-tourism
Agri-tourism and agricultural related attractions, activities and places

5) Culture
Cultural and historical tourism

6) Eco
Ecotourism and environmental awareness and conservation attractions, activities and places

7) Kids
Kids tours, activities, places and other attractions regarding the above topics.

This section aims to offer parents information about these topics in order to plan activities
with their kids.

• ecotreasures online directories on travel, tourism and entertainment information such as
tour providers, places to visit, restaurants, and lodging.

The following online directories are available through the first navigation bar on the
ecotreasures website:

1) tour providers
2) other places to visit
3) where to stay
4) where to eat

Currently, the online directories provide the above-mentioned information in regards to
the destination of the island of Puerto Rico.

While browsing the online magazine articles, you will also find the following online directories:

1) suggested restaurants
2) suggested places
3) suggested hotels

As part of our services, we also offer map location information of some attractions and places.

In sum, the ecotreasures website’s databases, refreshing content architecture, cool look & feel and user friendly applications contribute to providing you a website that serves as a great tool to read about travel, tourism and entertainment information regarding recreational and leisure places and attractions as well as entertainment information about environmental and ecological attractions, places and resources. As you immerse in ecotreasures website’s rich content you will also learn about the tours, adventures, sports and activities you may enjoy performing or experiencing at these places.

So, start the adventure by exploring ecotreasures!

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