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Tips to Spark Eco-Consciousness Among Outdoors Enthusiasts

A Way to Become Guardian of Nature
Publication of Discovery: March 31, 2022
Issue: March, 2022

In order to protect and conserve the environment, people first need to be eco-conscious. It is important for outdoors enthusiasts to act responsibly when interacting with the environment. Though there are numerous ways to do this, below we highlight some tips that you can follow while planning and engaging in outdoors recreations, and which foster eco-consciousness. So check out our list and see what you may do for purposes of your next fun activity at a natural area.

1) Plan Routes for Gas Consumption Reduction

If you already know which are all the places you will visit on a particular day, plan a course that may lower gas consumption. Search ahead routes on maps and find out traffic peak hours. Any efforts to save gas during your drive will lessen environmental impact, even if you also end up going to unexpected spots.

2) Bring Gear that Helps Minimize Waste Generation

Pack your outdoors backpack with items such as non-disposable containers filled with snacks or food, reusable bottles of water or water bags, and any other stuff that prevents you from generating unnecessary trash. If you are going to shop, carry reusable bags.

3) Do Research Upfront about the Habitat

Read information about animals you might see and type of ecosystem in the natural area where the recreation will take place. Acquiring knowledge about these topics may influence you to be more aware of your surroundings and observant while exploring. Also, talking about your findings with travel companions may result in engaging conversations and promotion of environmental conservation.

4) Be Eco-Alert

Keep your eyes wide open and pay attention to nature’s sounds and interesting scents at the natural site. While doing this, you may notice better the diversity of animals, plants, flowers, fruits, and other natural resources. As you become more aware of your natural surroundings, you may be more concerned about its protection and consequently take better care of nature and even enjoy it more.

Every experience at nature varies per person. I have tasted raindrops, touched distinct surfaces, and felt different textures of nature, such as a tree’s bark or sand under my feet. When I notice a particular scent, I try to figure out its origin. You can always find what attracts you more at the outdoors.

5) Inquire about Volunteer Work Options

As you interact more with the environment during open-air recreations and befriend nature, you may not mind helping it through volunteer work. So find out information about volunteering activities available at the site explored. You may ask the tour guide or administration staff at the area.

Carrying out these practices may bring joy as you feel being guardian of the environment. In addition, following some of the above-mentioned tips may lead to easygoing experiences at nature while you are consciously making decisions to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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photograph by: Carlos Esteva and N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Melba Ayala: “I am a professional environmental interpretive guide, and every trip along with my children becomes an opportunity to engage them in exploration of nature surroundings. Hopefully they will grow up to be eco-conscious adults making eco-friendly decisions and supporting local economy wherever they go.”


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