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The Smiling Effect of Heavenly Cuisine

A Fruit of Puerto Rican Culinary Arts
Publication of Discovery: Oct. 31, 2023
Issue: October, 2023

Throughout the years we have encouraged getting to know a destination’s culture through its gastronomy; however, in this article we recognize the pleasing effect of appealing and delectable food to the point of drawing a happy face. From the moment a plate is served, one may start smiling when admiring the food presentation. Then as one immerses in the adventure of tasting a delicious dish, one’s face may shine. Though food flavors’ preferences are personal, we gladly share a list of food comprising four desserts and an appetizer savored in Puerto Rico, which took our breath away and provoked smiles. Enjoy looking at the pictures of these charming dishes while checking this article’s photo gallery.

Heavenly Food Creations Made in Puerto Rico that Prompted Smiles +

1) Coquito-flavored custard with raisins on top

Coquito is the delicious coconut milk-rum drink traditionally served during Christmas season in Puerto Rico.

Restaurant that served this dish:

Bacoa Finca y Fogón located in Municipality of Juncos

2) Coconut custard

Restaurant that served this dish:

Teta’s located in Municipality of Aibonito

3) Dulce de coco

Dulce de coco is an artisanal sweet mainly made of lightly toasted shredded coconut meat and sugar.

Food establishment that served this dish:

Frutera Flores located in Municipality of Luquillo

4) Brioche bread-and-papaya bread pudding

Restaurant that served this dish:

Zafra del Caribe located in Municipality of Gurabo

5) Deep-fried turnovers filled with rabbit meat

This type of appetizer is known as pastelillo in Puerto Rico.

Restaurant that served this dish:

Teta’s located in Municipality of Aibonito

The above-mentioned dishes are examples of culinary creations prepared in Puerto Rico that may induce smiles of pleasure. Besides the above-mentioned food establishments, you may explore the menu of other quality restaurants which may prepare delicious food in the island.

+ Availability of these food creations in the listed restaurants is subject to their menu at the time of one’s visit.

tour provider: Yourself onto Culture
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where the crew ate: Bacoa Finca y Fogón
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez and Carlos Esteva

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