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Donating Time and Effort at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

A Pathway to Serve Art
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2017
Issue: December, 2017

Volunteers who work at a museum contribute to foster the art industry. Whether you are an art connoisseur who wants to share knowledge to others, an art enthusiast who would like to connect with art on a regular basis, or someone who just wants to help promote the world of artists, you might be interested to volunteer services at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, located in the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The following list provides an overview of the volunteer program administered by this museum.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Volunteer Program:

(a) The museum

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Museum of Art a/k/a MAPR)

Among the various art collections at this museum, visitors may see exhibitions representative of Puerto Rican art. To learn more about the MAPR’s galleries, you may browse the museum’s website (

(b) Volunteer works

Subject to qualifications, MAPR volunteers may serve as Docents (Museum Guides), Hosts/Hostesses, Administrative Assistants, Fund-Raising Assistants, Visitor Service Assistants (e.g.: Information Center, Box Office, Shop), Library Assistants, or as volunteers for services needed due to natural disasters, or for community service, among others.

(c) Minimum required qualifications to participate as a volunteer

General Requirements:

(i) Be an active member of the MAPR,
(ii) Fulfill the requirements of the MAPR recruitment process and applicable training program.

To be recognized as an active volunteer, the MAPR expects volunteers to serve at least 100 hours per year.

Additional Requirements applicable to Docents:

(i) Minimum two years of academic studies in Art History, Plastic Arts, Humanities or Education,
(ii) Submittal of Curriculum Vitae and Certificate of Good Conduct,
(iii) Excellent communications skills (e.g.: ability to effectively communicate information to museum visitors),
(iv) Ability to lead a group of visitors,
(v) Excellent interpersonal skills,
(vi) Ability to work as a team member, and under pressure,
(vii) Availability to conduct an independent study, as per MAPR’s request,
(viii) Availability to work under a flexible schedule (e.g.: nights, weekends, holidays),
(ix) Bilingual (preferably Spanish and English),
(x) Good presence

(d) Museum’s website:

(e) Contact information

Margarita Martínez, Human Resources Manager, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, T.: 787-977-6277, ext. 2233 E:

José Neris, Human Resources Official, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, T.: 787-977-6277, ext. 2279 E.:

Note: The information provided herein is based on information submitted by the volunteer program organization. Please contact the organization for any updated information regarding the volunteer program.

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Noemí Sierra, San Juan, P.R.. - “I have volunteered my services at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art since 17 years ago. My experience as a docent has given me personal satisfactions such as being able to see when a visitor bonds with the artwork or understands the history behind it, to witness that the person who entered the exhibition room is kind of a different person by the time he/she exits the room, and to influence people to return to the museum.” (translation ours)


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