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Refashioning Nature Encounters

Ideas for Alternate Nature Exploration Activities

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: December 2022

Are you a nature lover? Are you interested in modifying a little bit the way you connect with natural surroundings? Are you interested in doing nontraditional activities to discover or explore natural areas? If you responded affirmatively to any of these questions, you may like checking out the following ideas to vary nature encounters.

1) Admire the Views of an Ocean-and-Sea Meeting Place

If the country of your residence or your travel destination is surrounded by ocean and sea, you can visit spots where these bodies of water meet and blend. Besides observing the beauty of the panorama, you may perceive the ocean and sea’s distinctive traits. For instance, you may observe different blue tones of the bodies of water. Also, you may notice their contrasting personalities. For example, a body of water may distinguish for its serenity or force, or project mystery.

2) Design Sightseeing Drive Trip’s Course Spontaneously

For instance, drive to an area on the countryside you have barely or never visited. Do not perform research about or choose in advance the paths you will drive on for sightseeing purposes. Just drive toward the rural area selected and let your intuition, instincts and nature be your guide while driving on public roads. In addition to the typical joy resulting from outdoor recreations, you may feel as a conqueror of the natural sites discovered, and an incredible satisfaction.

3) Go Camping to Celebrate

Plan with your friends or family a camping adventure to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation or specific achievement. Since the highlights of this type of activity will be the natural surroundings in the camp site and the celebration per se, this alternative to traditional camping may bring extra delight.

4) Engage in a Hiking Exercise Routine

If you like performing cardiovascular exercises and can do these, you may consider hiking trails at the outdoors as part of your workout program. For example, you may hike once a week in addition to doing the typical cardio exercises on other days. You may substitute one of your cardio routines with a hiking routine, or you may add hiking to your current workout program, subject to your physical capacity and health considerations.

5) Discern Clouds’ Figures

Contemplate the sky. Pay close attention to the clouds’ shapes and see if any of these represent a familiar figure. For example, you may notice a silhouette, geometric form, or an object’s shape. The clouds may show nature’s magic.

Have fun!

Photograph by Carlos Esteva

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