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Ecotreasures ® mottos

1) Embrace and appreciate nature

Accept and hold on to nature. Let nature lead your way to create your own experience. Of course, follow your tour guide’s rules as well.

2) Delve !

“Dig into” the ecotreasures within or at the main ecotreasures attraction. By this, we mean to really explore the ecosystem around you.

Seek to learn not only about the flora and fauna seen at plain sight, but also the one that you haven’t seen yet. Inquire about the history and/or culture related to the place visited and the communities nearby.

3) Respect nature

Try to minimize your impact to the natural resources and its environment as you enjoy the experience.

4) Get involved

Ask about environmental conservation and protection practices or programs performed or implemented by the tour guide, the main attraction’s administrator and/or the communities nearby.

Request information about how to get involved to contribute for the earth’s well-being, either for the benefit of the place visited or to implement eco practices at home or while performing outdoor recreations or adventures.

Ask the tour guide or the main attraction’s administrator how the tour experience or recreation supports or fosters the support of the economic development of the communities nearby. If needed, you may suggest ideas on how this support may be accomplished.

5) Be a traveler rather than a mere tourist

Interact with the local people and learn from them. Immerse in the local culture of the destination visited. Make your experience a one-of-a-kind.

6) Cherish the ecotreasures discovered

Treasure your experience and memories as that is what you take with you.

7) Be an ecotreasures patron

Share and enlighten family and friends about what you learned from your ecotreasures experience. Inspire and encourage others to join you in the mission of discovering ecotreasures and learning about and from these.

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