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A Recipe for a Memorable Gift about your Child's Firsts of ecotreasures Episodes

Transforming Memories into a Creative and Unique Keepsake about your Kid and Nature

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: November 2018

Some experiences at nature bring about great memories to cherish forever, especially those about your child’s first encounters with Mother Earth’s natural resources and resulting amenities. A remembrance of these moments may serve as a gift for your offspring to treasure. For instance, you may assemble photographs into an album (e.g., digital photo album), make a scrapbook or write anecdotes in a journal about your kid’s first discoveries of the environment and amusements induced by nature’s contributions.

Below we share a list of particular life’s events that you can consider for the creation of one of the best presents you may give your child on a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation day, holy day season, or at anytime as a love gesture.

A Kid’s Firsts of ecotreasures Episodes to Regard for a Memorable Gift for your Offspring:

1) A swim in a body of water, such as the ocean, sea, lagoon, reservoir or river,

2) The making of a “sand sculpture” at the beach, for example, a sandcastle or sand turtle,

3) Dazzlement while looking at a particular animal (e.g., small frog known as “coquí” in Puerto Rico, walking stick, luminous cucubano, butterfly, parrot, macaw (“guacamayo” in Spanish), sheep, goat, horse),

4) Face of joy and amazement while staring at a waterfall or enjoying its cold water,

5) Astonishment while staring at a plant, such as the shy plant known as “moriviví“ in Puerto Rico,

6) Drinking coconut water right from the coconut,

7) Walking on a forest or other natural area trail,

8) Contact with a farm or plantation (e.g., coffee, cacao, cassava, sugarcane, pineapple),

9) Guided exploration at a cave,

10) Water sport recreations or lessons, such as kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, kitesurfing, bodyboard or paddleboat activities, sailing, windsurfing and diving,

11) Camping trip, and/or

12) Sightseeing of a stunning view whether from the top of a hill, lighthouse or recreational observation tower, or from any other place.

The above list includes examples of initial discovery moments when nature and your child may have been the main characters, and which you may consider for purposes of making a reminiscent treasure for your child. You may take into account other experiences that allowed your kid to become acquainted with Planet Earth’s natural attributes for the first time. Every life is unique. So anything you create based on this type of encounters will be original and special, and most of all, show an appreciation of how the environment began playing a role in your child’s life. Whether your child is currently a kid or not, he/she may forever hold dear the gift of reliving these precious memories.

Photograph by N. Michelle Rodríguez

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