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Wake Up and Recharge Along with Nature

A Morning Habit to Lift One’s Spirits and Refresh

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: June 2020

Since nature has a positive impact on our emotions and is around us always, a great way to start your day is welcoming and fraternizing with ecotreasures. Whether you live in the city, near the coast, or in the countryside, you can take advantage of natural surroundings to relax and cheer up once you wake up early. Reserving at least 20 minutes to bond with nature during the morning will broaden your quality time with Mother Earth beyond usual outdoor recreations scheduled for weekends or vacations. To integrate this type of activity in your routine, you need will and an open mind. Your willingness to connect with nature on daily basis (or at least 5 days a week) will find a way to reorganize your morning tasks so you have time to do something that may even be more rewarding than other chores. Your open-mindedness and interests will guide you into the best way to spend time with plants, animals and other natural resources in your neighborhood.

If you are not sure how to recurrently mingle with nature at the beginning of the day in such a way that does not complicate your agenda, you may like considering any of the following activities:

1) Greet plants nearby

Look around your surroundings and acknowledge the trees, shrubs and other plants in or close to your residential area. Walk along plant life in tranquil environments. Observe the greenery and flowers, and welcome these.

2) Befriend the plants that charm you

While you greet flora in the morning, be alert of plants that draw your attention. Recognize what is it that you find special about these. Is it their shape, colors, general aesthetics, or is it the way you feel when you are around these plants? Feel your special connection with them.

3) Regard the green newborns

Notice the young plants growing in or close to your domicile. Accept with pleasure their arrival to Planet Earth.

4) Give undivided attention to birds’ songs

Relax while you listen to harmonious sounds of birds. Whether you are at home or watching plants nearby, do not take for granted these heartwarming neighbors. If you hear birds singing while at your residence, put any chores on a brief hold and accept such nature’s gift.

5) Fraternize with bodies of water nearby

If the ocean or sea or a lake, reservoir or river is within walking distance from your home, you are privileged. Admire any of these beauties and let sounds of waves or water currents revitalize you.

Each day you are given the opportunity to embrace Planet Earth’s beauty and magic. It is up to you how you take advantage of it, especially at the beginning of a new day. As you let nature be part of your daily morning routine, you may gain more energy for the rest of the day and for your soul. Remember that nature is part of us, and we are part of nature.

Photograph by N. Michelle Rodríguez

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