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A Special Tribute to Peace

Highlighting ecotreasures Feature Articles that are Food for the Soul

Issue: March 2022

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Considering the current worldwide news by the time of this publication, we want to pay tribute to peace, worldwide peace. For that, we distinguish and recognize certain feature articles that have been published by ecotreasures ® magazine that we find worthy for you to read for the first time or again. As you immerse in these articles, you will understand why these publications are food for the soul and very beneficial to read at present times. Below we list these special articles’ titles and their issue date. You may browse the ecotreasures magazine “issues” web page to find these.

Special ecotreasures Feature Articles that are Food for the Soul:

1) “The Sun as a Symbol of Good”- December 2019 issue

2) “Be a Bridge for Our Future Memories”- March 2020 issue

3) “Seeing More than Nature’s Beauty”- December 2020 issue

Hope you enjoy reading these articles as much we did writing them. Remember that expressions of love are key for peace to be contagious.

Photo by Carlos Esteva

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