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Maximizing Your Beach-Day Experience

Appreciating All Valuable Surroundings

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: June 2022

Next you time you visit the beach, consider really observing and acknowledging more than just the water, sand, and your beach clan. Besides swimming, sunbathing, playing on the sand, performing sports, and gathering with family and friends, it is worthwhile to notice and appreciate other components of your surroundings in and near the beach that also add value to the site or the whole experience, even when you are unaware of it. If you are mindful of and regard these, you may esteem more your beach day and the location. Below we share a list of examples of additional things you may do while at beach area to achieve that.

1) Be on the Lookout for Birds and Listen

Water birds such as seabirds and shore birds may be flying around the beach or searching for food nearby. If you are lucky, you may see an outstanding choreography by a flock of birds flying harmoniously together. Watching how birds behave and their beauty as well as listening to their songs or calls may be memorable.

2) Explore Neighboring Vegetation

Besides searching for palms or other trees for shade purposes, you can look for other plant life close to the sand area. Notice the distinct species and their leaves, fruits, and flowers. Appreciate how they play a part in the scenery.

3) Pay Attention to the Spectacle by Ocean and Rocks

While at the sand, you can be at the front row and admire the stage: breaking waves, water hitting boulders and other rock formations, and resulting froth. It is a beautiful show organized by nature.

4) Regard and Support Local Food-or-Handcraft Vendors

Buy local food or artisanal creations from local vendors near the beach. Connecting with local community’s culture may enrich your experience.

5) Check Out and Suggest Nearby Lodging Establishments

After leaving the beach, you may visit lodging close by to see their premises and find out which ones you like. Whether you eventually stay at or recommend any of these establishments to family-or-friend travelers, you would support, directly or indirectly, the local community’s economic development. Local businesses offer amenities that may enhance experiences during a beach day. So spread the word about suggested lodging.

As you recognize all your surroundings that play a role on your beach day, you may understand better why your experience may be cherishable, and be grateful for each contributing factor.

Photo by N. Michelle Rodríguez

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