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Fine Arts by Mother Earth

Scenery Paintings, Portraits and Sculptures Created by Nature

By. N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: September 2022

We usually refer to nature as Mother Earth; however, it also plays the role of a fine artist. Mother Earth surprises us with striking and wonderful gifts that resemble works of fine arts. For instance, sceneries with spectacular colors that dress waters, sky, trees and other green, soil or even the atmosphere per se are an artwork painted by nature. Shapes of mangrove trees, boulders and other rocks, cliffs, mountains, peaks, trunks and other Mother Earth’s components may look like sculptures. The scene of an animal or plant in a natural area may suggest a portrait painting. Thus, we (humankind) are living in the museum exhibiting the greatest artistic productions ever created.

So whenever you see a natural world’s scene that takes your breath away, intrigues you or otherwise you are attracted to, cherish it and recognize that you are looking at art created by nature. Look at the whole picture as well as the details and try to figure out what caught your attention and why you find it special. Just as with respect to visual arts produced by humans, the value of Mother Earth’s exhibition is as high as you deem. Likewise, people’s regard for the same nature sight varies. Thus, if any of your companions are not impressed as you are while looking at what you perceive as art made by Mother Earth, do not let that affect your appreciation. Focus on your connection with nature at that moment and enjoy it.

Just as some museum’s art exhibitions are temporary, certain nature scenes also are. So whenever you are amazed at nature, take the time to fully admire the fine art creation that is being given to you at that particular moment.

Photograph by N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Photograph’s image: Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge’s area, Puerto Rico

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